Art Nouveau Curio Cabinet

Exceptional Art Nouveau Double Curio Cabinet

Art Nouveau Curio Cabinet

Staci says:

I hope these pics are good enough for you to figure out some info on this cabinet . The only writing on it at all is the # 420 written in chalk on the back .

I was with my mother when she purchased it at a small antique shop in SLC Utah during the late 1980’s , I think  she paid about $300 for it then . It  is in very good condition without any damage or chips that I can see.  It does have a quite old light fixture bar installed at the top but it looks like it was added rather than being original.

I think it is so beautiful with the curved glass doors that open on each side . The silver detail seems to be more of some type of thick paint rather than truly etched in to the glass but I’m not sure. I’m not planning on selling it I just find antiques so interesting and wonder what it’s story is. I appreciate any info you can help with and let me know if I should try to get some  better pics .

Thank you , Staci

AW says: This is certainly one of the nicer double bow-front curio cabinets that I’ve seen! It’s definitely in the Art Nouveau style and circa 1910s. It’s made of Oak. The decoration is silver paint and the item appears to be in excellent condition.

Pieces like this were in high demand in the 1980s and I’m very surprised at the price of $300 that you think she paid for it. Are you sure of that? It seems very low.

The chalk mark on the back of #420 is probably a buyer’s # from an an auction house.

Retail value: $2,500

Wholesale value: $900

The reason for the unusually large gap between these two prices is that large furniture tends to sell slowly at this time.

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Cut Glass Bowl Daisy and Button

Hi Walt,

Here’s the 2nd of 3 pieces for appraisal.  This should be an easy one for you, but I have yet to master the art of identifying cut glass.  This bowl is 3 1/2″ in height, 6″ diameter at top, 3 3/8″ diameter at bottom.  Weighs  1 lb. 13oz.  No cracks, no chips, no repairs.  Thanks!

Cut Glass Bowl Daisy and Button

cut glass bowl

cut glass bowl


Cut Glass Bowl Daisy and Button

AW: That’s A beautiful cut glass bowl. In The right like it should throw colors like a diamond. The pattern is Daisy and buttons. It appears to be a piece of American Brilliant Period cut glass. (1876-1915)
At this time America had the best glass cutters and techniques in the world.

Retail Value: $195-225
Wholesale value: $75-$125

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