Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal


Jeannie asks:

I sent photos of what I believe is an engineer desk. Has been in my dad office for over 4o years  no knowledge f where it came from or age  excellent condition.

Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

map cabinet Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

AW says:

Hello Jeannie,

While many engineers used these, what it’s called is a map cabinet. It’s something that you’d seen in a city planners office, or that of an architect. This one is made out of solid oak, it’s circa 1910s and is a pretty desirable piece of furniture.

Antiques with a lot of drawers are popular because they appeal to so many people. Antiques dealers will use them to store prints and flat paper items, of course maps, as well as jewelry, smalls etc.

Yours is nice because it has several different size drawers including one for filing index cards.

These are still desired pieces collected as status  symbols by engineers, architect, sea captains.

Retail value: $475

Wholesale: $200

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Teak Dining Room Set

Teak Dining Room Set Vintage Teak Dining Room Set - What's it Worth? Vintage Teak Dining Room Set - What's it Worth? teak dining room table teak hutch teak dining room buffet

 Teak Dining Room Set


Can you tell me what this Vintage teak dining room set is worth? Here are more pictures of the whole set.  They were made in Thailand or Guam in probably 1970, all custom made.  The pieces are rock solid teak, and in very good condition.

1 buffet

1 table with 8 chairs

1 china cabinet or hutch


77 -1/4” Wide (x) 32” Tall (x) 19” Deep at the center section (the end door sections are only 17-1/4” Deep).

The partitions in the vertical storage compartment on the left are fixed.  The shelf in the center is adjustable. The 5 drawers in the right section are all lined with red felt, top 3 drawers have fixed – flatware organizers, 4th drawer has an adjustable organizer.  The right side section is lockable.

Dinning Rm. Table & Chairs:

44” Wide (x) 30” Tall (x) 91-3/4” Long.  The overall length includes (2) 12” removable leafs.  Includes a full coverage, folding felt and vinyl pad.  There are (8) chairs featuring hand woven rattan backs and newly finished seat cushions.  The “head of the table” seat has wooden arms. The nominal dimensions for the chairs are as follows; seat cushion is 19-1/2” above finish floor, 17” Deep from front to back.  The seat is tapered from 19-1/2” wide at the front and 16” wide at the back.  The Height is 40-1/2” at the center of the arched back.


86” Tall (x) 77” Wide (x) 19-1/2” Deep.  Each top section has (3) wood framed, adjustable, glass shelves. There are (4) newly wired lights above each section.  Each door has its own ornately designed metal pull.  The top drawer in the center section is lockable, the shelves on either side are adjustable as well.



AW says:

This is a high quality set, and teak is in popular right now. Also in it’s favor, is that it’s a full  set, and it’s in excellent condition.

This set is not at the pinnacle of of the teak furniture market however because the style is a bit more classic than it is modern style.

Retail value for the set: $3,500

Wholesale: $1,200