Antique Tiffany 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring

Antique Tiffany 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring

Richard says:

Auction Wally,

I saw you referenced in the Wall Street Journal, and I was excited to get my Antique French Tiffany Co. Engagement Ring appraised.

Here are the item details and pictures:
– I purchased the ring from a reputable Jeweler, Francis Lynch who purchased it from an estate sale.

The ring has had 2 owners, myself, and the original owner.

It’s mounted in 18kt white gold and signed Tiffany & Company. It’s a  0.50 carat D color.  It’s internally flawless and  circa 1920.

This ring is in a 10 prong, stylized solitaire with small Swiss cut diamonds. It has a total of 0.10 carats total weight.

It’s  is currently sized to 8.5, the box has some damage. Please let me know if I can add any additional information to help the valuation.

AW says: That is a beautiful ring! Let me say here, that you’ve given me enough information to do an appraisal.  However, But an online jewelry appraisal must adhere to certain rules.

It is only possible when good information about the appraisal subject is given. It must be taken for granted the the information is 100% true, as there is no way to physically inspect the piece.

Since this is a D color diamond (a white or a colorless diamond) it is set in white gold.  Yellow gold could distort the color.

The round cut of the diamond is appropriate for the age of the ring.

The clarity and lack of internal flaws of course enhances value. As well as the fact that it was sold by Tiffany & co.

The small diamonds that surround the main stone add to the beauty of the piece. However, when it comes to diamond weight, you must get to at least a 1/2 ct to garner serious value.  Your ring has all the qualities of a desirable diamond ring.

Retail value: $5,750

Wholesale value: $4,200


Tiffany & co.

Diamond Ring

1/2 ct

Round Cut diamond

Rueben Donnelley Corp Milk Glass USPS Coasters

Rueben Donnelley Corp Milk Glass USPS Coasters

Roseann asks: What can you tell me about my 5 Rueben Donnelley USPS coasters?

AW says: RE your Rueben Donnelley Corp Milk Glass USPS Coasters

As you mentioned in your email, 4 of these are part of a set of USPS set of coasters. They would fall under the category of Americana. They are made of milk glass with a brass rim around the edges. Circa 1940s.

The odd one is a coaster commemorating the graphics co. that designed all 5 of the coasters.

The graphics producer, Rueben H. Donnelley co. is associated with R.R. Donnelley  co which has a rich history in print making, map making and graphics.

This company also participated as an exhibitor in the Chicago World’s Fair.

The USPS like any other business, did and still does produce a lot of promotion items, and this set was one of them.

There are many sets of USPS coasters. A complete set of coasters would consist of 6.

Retail value: (for your four and odd one ) $45

  • Rueben Donnelley Corp Milk Glass USPS Coasters
  • Wholesale: $25
  • Keywords:
  • Milk Glass
  • Chicago World’s Fair
  • R. H. Donnelley co.
  • USPS coaster set

Furstenberg Botanical Plates

Furstenberg Botanical Plates Furstenberg Botanical Plates Furstenberg Botanical Plates Furstenberg Botanical Plates Furstenberg Botanical Plates

Furstenberg Botanical Plates

Ellen asks: Can you appraise my Furstenberg botanical plates? There are 19 of them. They are 10.25″

AW says: These Furstenberg botanical plates would be referred to as 10″ dining plates. Even though technically they are 1/4″ bigger in diameter.

Furstenberg China co. was founded in 1747 is the 2nd oldest porcelain factory in Germany on to operate on it’s original site. In 1966 it became an LLC. And of course it has manufacturing plants in other locations, as your plates prove.

Your plates are hand painted and part of a very attractive dinner set. When selling plates such as these today, many people opt to sell them separately. There are a couple of reasons to do this:

First, if you’re selling at an online auction such as eBay, you  lessen the risk, or spread out the risk if you sell them individually. Also, it’s likely that they will sell for more. Obviously, it’s more work too!

Retail value (for all 19 as a lot) $375

Wholesale value: $95 – There is an extra large gap here because many sellers have dropped vintage china from their inventory.