Arcade Cast Iron Toy Cab

How much is an antique Arcade cast iron toy cab worth?

 Arcade Cast Iron Toy Cab

This antique toy was well loved by probably several generations. It has some paint wear, but the amount is acceptable for a period cast iron toy vehicle. You have to consider that, not only were they toys, but they were toy cars. This means they saw a lot of floor friction and movement.

Also a pro here when asking “how much is an antique Arcade cast iron toy cab worth?” is that it still has the driver, many of these old cabs are sans the chauffeur. There’s no structural damage, but this one had it’s grill missing. That’s not a big deal because what was there originally was a generic wire mesh grill, so it’s easily replaced.

It’s a circa 1920s toy, but be careful of reproductions. Remember antique toy values are very closely tied to condition.

Retail value:   $250

Wholesale value: $125

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What’s it worth? Appraisal of vintage Vogue Ginny doll

What’s this vintage Vogue doll “Ginny” worth and why?


AW says: Ginny, was one of the most beloved dolls of the 1950s. So popular was she, that later she had a baby sister, and a big sister.

The Ginny shown here is shown with original, period Vogue clothing and shoes. She is more rare as an African American as well, so commands a premium for that.

Circa 1950s, hard plastic, sleep eyes.

The condition is excellent as is evidenced by the blush on her  cheeks, crispness of dress and patina on the body.