1920s Antique Slag Lamp

1920s Antique Slag Lamp

1920s antique slag lamp

This is a circa 1920s antique slag lamp. It’s what’s known as  transitional piece. The condition of the shade and base of this antique lamp is excellent. But there are two things that could have made this lamp more valuable.

The key word here is “transitional”. You see, this means the style transitioned out of one period, into another. In this case, out of the art nouveau style, into the arts & crafts style.

The problem with this is that collectors place the highest values on items that are pure period pieces.

That said, this is still a beautiful 1920s antique slag lamp. The slag glass panels are in excellent condition and there is no damage to them, or the bronze coated base.

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Retail value: $325

Wholesale value: $150


Neo-Classic Crystal Chandelier

Neo-Classic Crystal Chandelier Neo-Classic Crystal Chandelier Mid-Century

Neo-Classic Crystal Chandelier

Erica says,

I recently purchased a home and the previous owners left this chandelier. They claim it was purchased from an estate in La Jolla and that it has tremendous value.

Obviously, that’s relative and I only have their word to go by. I could just get rid of it and not care, since it has no sentimental value for me.

But, I would appreciate historical value if there were any.

What gives me pause is that they later told me that it was a family heirloom and if I were to get rid of it, they would want it back (they could have taken in the sale). I have reason to believe it does actually have value…but I need some help understanding 1) how much could i sell it for 2) how do I properly package it and 3) the best way to sell it if its valuable.

Please let me know if you need more information or images.


AW says: Hello Erica,  this does have value even if it’s not in the range the home sellers think it’s in. It’s Neo-Classic style,  early to Mid-Century (2oth) It’s bronze coated, with a lot of what are probably Austrian or Czech cut crystals.

The form of the arms indicates that it is well made. It’s American with European styling.

Retail value: $1,250

Wholesale: $300 – (The reason for the large gap in retail and wholesale prices, is because these are not typically fast sellers for retailers. But when you find a decorator that wants one, they should be willing to pay a fair price.

If I were you, I’d try Facebook Market Place. This is pretty much the Craigslist replacement these days.

I would take all the  strands of crystal off and wrap the strands in bubble-wrap and place the base in an over-sized box w/ packing peanuts.

I don’t ship these when I get them. You can almost guarantee they’ll arrive broken.

Gook Luck and let me know if you have any questions.


Neo-Classic Crystal Chandelier


Modern Gold Plated Chandelier

Modern Gold Plated Chandelier gold plated chandelier








Modern Gold Plated Chandelier Value







Hi Walt,

I purchased this 24k gold plated chandelier from an online auction not knowing the measurements.
It has 17 sockets (all working) and takes over 1,000 crystals. I started adding some of the crystals but decided to stop since I intend to sell it and can only imagine how much it will weigh once they’re all in.
It measures 30″ high with a 27.5″ diameter. It’s in great condition though some of the metal is slightly bent in some places. I couldn’t find any markings on it and I’ve had a tough time trying to find similar chandeliers so I really have no idea how much I should try to sell it for.
Your help will be greatly appreciated!
AW says: This is an exceptional chandelier. If it takes over 1000 crystals, it’s going to be stunning when it’s fully outfitted and lit up.
When you market this, you’re going to want to have good pictures of it when it’s lit. If not, the next best thing would be to get a picture of a duplicate chandelier lit up.
As I state in many of my chandelier appraisals, a fine piece like this can take quite a while to sell, just because the target market is a bit narrow.
The amount of rectangular prisms alone has quite a bit to do with value with this modern gold plated chandelier value.
It’s most likely American, circa late 20th to early 21st century.
Wholesale: $1,200