What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique parlor set

Dear Sir

I have enclosed pictures of a 5 piece parlor set that has been in our family since at least about 1920 but it may be older.  I came from central California.  I believe it is made of California oak but this is just an assumption.  It has been reupholstered. I am not interested in selling it  but may donate it to a historic home. That is why I am curious about the set’s worth. 

Thank you,


AW says: Hey there Fred! Whether or not this is California Oak is tough to say, but I believe that’s irrelevant to the price. This is a turn of the 20th century golden oak set, and what I really like about it is that the set if finished with acorn finials atop the support posts.

It has applied carvings on the back, and of course, it’s been re-upholstered.

  • Retail value for the set: $700-$850
  • Wholesale value: $300-$375


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What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique wicker set

Gregory asks: What can you tell me about my wicker love seat and coffee table? 

AW says: What you have is a wonderful American Victorian era love seat and coffee table. We know they are a matching pair because of the identical lines that constitute the edges of both items. This set is circa turn of the 20th century and was likely made by Wakefield or Heywood-Wakefield which came a bit later.  

  • Retail value: $375 -$425 (for the pair)
  • Wholesale value: $175-$200


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  • antique furniture
  • heywood-wakefield
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How much is my Eastlake style iron clock worth?

Great gothic clock

Leah asks:

This clock was in my home (circa 1927) when I bought it.

It appears to be some kind of heavy metal, ie, lead?

Just wondering if it has value, and if I can sell it to a dealer or collector.


AW says: These are neat, but they are more popular with decorators than clock collectors. Believe it or not, the case is made out of iron! The style and period is Eastlake circa (1870-1900) and the cases of this type may have held any number of different clockworks from American clock companies. Waterbury being the most likely.  

Because the case was made of iron, they were virtually indestructible, and thus many of them still remain, which means they are not as rare as one might think.  


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