Stickley Brothers Oak

Stickley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set

James says:
What can you tell me about my Sitckley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set?
I’d be interested in the best places to list this set on line and the max value I could expect to get .
Stickley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set 1902 Quaint Furniture Label Stickley Oak Table
AW says: This is a wonderful example of Stickley Brothers Furniture. They began the Quaint Line in the early 1900s featuring Mission style furniture.
The black & gold  label is circa  1902.  This Quaint furniture featured gorgeous quarter-sawn or “Tiger Oak” . The set is made from solid oak. It was quarter-sawn to expose the beautiful tiger stripe grain.
It’s important that you have so much of this set and that helps bring up the value.
These days, to get top money for sets like this, people are using websites like Chairish, eBay & First Dibs. I think those are where you’d need to go to get top dollar for your Stickley Brother Oak. A local auction house could help you sell it, but it would be more of a gamble.
Retail value for the set: $3,800
Wholesale value: $2,200

What’s it worth? Appraisal for Leopold Stickley table

Nell asks:

Hi there.  I was given a Stickley table from a family member and would like an appraisal done, please.  The drawer has a label in it that says:

 A Leopold Stickley original

 Authentic Cherry Valley Stickley

Fayetteville, NY 




(these three lines look like they are scored/burned into the drawer bottom)

Thank you!!


 leopold stickley label and brand

front of colonial style stickley table 

top of stickley table


AW says:

Thanks for the great pics! What you have is a Colonial style table made by Leopold Stickley of the very famous Stickly brothers. The table you have is of very good quality and craftmanship, however as far as value goes, it does not command the high prices that Gustav Stickley “Arts & Crafts” pieces do. Nor is it as valable as the LG&J Stickley pieces. The piece you have is a bit later than the highly sought after Misson style furniture that it so popular with collectors.


Circa 1920s


  • Retail value in present condition: $175
  • Wholesale: $75-$95




  • Leopold Stickley
  • Stickley furniture
  • colonial style
  • 1 drawer table
  • maple
  • Cherry Valley Collection