What’s it worth? Appraisal of Peruvian clay Moche vessel

  • Robin asks:

Hi  Attached please find photographs of the item I wish to have appraised. It is supposed to be of peruvian origin.

Many thanks.



south american figural canteenbottom of clay bottle

AW says:

This is Peruvian. It looks like what you have is copy of a pre-Columbian Moche Blackware clay vessel. Usually, but not always, these are made of redware. I say copy, because the bottom just doesn’t show enough wear to be from the pre-Columbian era.


If that is because the picture is not adequate and there is actually more were on the bottom than the digital photo seems to indicate, you may want to get it checked out by someone that can handle it in person.

If it were authentic, it would range in the $800-$1,500 range. If it would put your mind at ease, you may want to take it to a local expert, but I’m sure they’ll tell you the same as I’ve said, this is a later copy.

Circa turn of the 20th century.

  • Retail value: $150
  • Wholesale: $75-$100


South American

What’s it worth? Appraisal for Limoges urn

Arthur asks: 

What can you tell me about this Limoges urn?

limoges covered urncameo on limoges urn

AW says: This is a 20th century urn with a cobalt blue glaze and a romantic era style hand painted cameo. Many of these are found without the cover, so your’s gets points for having the lid. From base to the tip of the finial this is 30 inches tall. A very sizable vase, and that brings up the value.


  • Limoges
  • cobalt
  • vase
  • urn
  • moriage ( the tiny raised dot decoration technique)