Antique Victorian Picture Frames

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Antique Oak & Plaster Victorian Matching Frames


I purchased a set of picture frames from an antique store 25 years ago. They each had color lithograph type portraits in the frame. If I remember correctly, the owner of the antique store told me the portraits and frames were from approximately 1840.  
This frame was damaged by a flooring company employee, and the company offered to compensate me. Obviously this item is irreplaceable. I have no idea what this frame is worth.  
Thank You! 
AW says:
These are beautiful antique victorian picture frames. I think they’re a bit later, (circa 1870s) but that has little to do with value.
The difficult thing about a pair of antique frames like this, is that they ARE a pair and getting both of them in excellent condition is difficult.
These were probably worth quite a bit more when you purchased them originally, but value on Victorian items has come down in the past 15 years by quite a bit.
A fair replacement value today would be $250.
Thanks and please let me know if you have any further questions.