USS Delaware Antique Painting

 USS Delaware Antique Painting

Beth says:

Hi Walt,

I would like you to appraise this USS Delaware antique painting. I purchased three appraisals a few years ago (April 2012) and have only been able to send in one since then.  (Been caring for elderly parents)  I’m hoping I still have a credit for two more.
If so I’m sending in pics of a painting  (or print glued to canvas?)  that belongs to a Senior that I’m helping downsize into an Assisted Living Center. I’m trying to help her determine what if any value it may have.
It’s been hanging on the same wall in the home for decades and the only history she can give me is the info that her husband put on the back on the canvas. See pic.
The canvas out of frame measures 18″x24″.  In the frame it measures 24″x30″  USS Delaware Antique Painting
I don’t know much about the age of the actual canvas and I’m assuming the frame is not the original.
The residue on the back is from some old duck tape (ugh!) that I removed to get a better idea of the framing.
I was hoping I’d find a signature on the canvas hidden by the frame but there’s nothing discernable.
A few pics are in the frame and a few of the condition of the canvas out of the frame.
Thanks for any info you can provide!

The painting owner gave me one more piece of info re: the origin of the USS Delaware painting appraisal I emailed this am. (This info was provided in a .jpg and is depicted in the last picture above – AW)

AW says:

Hello Beth, I remember you and my records show that you do indeed have two more appraisal credits. (They don’t expire :)

This is a very nice piece of “Chinese export art” I believe this  USS Delaware Antique Painting was likely painted in Hong Kong as this is certainly the style and mood that would have fit the time. I don’t doubt that it is a period painting, and fairly well done, but it has some issues.

First is the condition; the fact that it was taken off and re-glued to another canvas devalues the piece by quite a bit.

Also, the fact that it was not signed does not help, although it was probably painted by for the soldiers as a souvenir to bring back home by a local talent.

Circa late 1800s

Retail value: $450

Wholesale $175 (Wholesale is a lower than average percentage because a re-seller will likely beat you up on the condition)


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USS Delaware