Frank Vining Smith Painting


                Frank Vining Smith Painting

Frank Vining Smith Painting
The Haunted Wood Edge of Water

Bernie asks: What can you tell about the value of this Frank Vining Smith Painting? It measures 19″x 29″

AW says: Frank Vining Smith  (1879-1967)  was born in South Abington MA   He was known for marine-ship and wildlife paintings and illustration.

The example you have here – The Haunted Wood on the Edge of Water is a wonderful example of his work depicting a forest as the subject with  waterfowl in flight.

Historic auction records show strong interest in Mr. Vining’s work, who sometimes signed with the initials F.V. Vining before his last name. The light I believe is excellent and the color contrast of the forest to the birch trees in the foreground is I think, superb.

Retail value: $2,800

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Persian Antique Paintings

Persian PaintingsPersian Antique Paintings

Persian Antique Paintings

These Persian antique paintings are beautiful pieces  folk art. Perhaps someday this type of art will come to be appreciated again.

They are made with a Gouache or  Tempera paint pigments. Many of these paintings were given as wedding gifts to Persian newlyweds.

They usually have a story related to the painting, no doubt the script on the reverse of yours pertains to such as story.

Retail value: $125 for the one without significant water damage. $50 for the one with water damage.

Wholesale: $50 for the one without water damage, $20 for the one with water damage.


Gouache  paintings

Persian Paintings

Indo-Persian Paintings

Neil Reed Mitchill Watercolor

Neil Reed Mitchill Watercolor

Neil Reed Mitchill Watercolor

Jack asks: Framed seascape painting from Grandfathers estate.  Has Neil Mitchell on frame.  Part of painting showing is 9.5″ x 19.5″.  Frame is 17.5″ X 27.5″.

AW says:

As noted below, Neil Reed Mitchill’s name is often mis-spelled. And indeed, it is mis-spelled on the plate below this painting. No matter it’s certainly identifiable as his work.

A close-up in this seascape shows what is could be the city of Salem MA off in the far distance beyond the outcrop of rocks in the forefront on the right. That and they way the sky is set,  indicates it may have been painted from the shore of Magnolia Beach in Gloucester, MA. The village in Gloucester which I live and a favorite view for painters. Of course, without a title this is impossible to say for sure, but it’s very possible.

His work sells in New England auction houses fairly often.

Neil Reed Mitchill (often misspelled as Neil Reid Mitchell) was born in New York City in 1858, He moved to Connecticut in the 1890’s and became the first resident artist of Westport.

He is known for painted seascapes, marines and coastal landscapes, often drenched in moonlight.

He studied at the National Academy of Design when it was on 23rd Street.  In his youth, Mitchill was also known as an amateur fancy skater and participated in one of the early international meets in Vienna, Austria.

Retail value: $375

Wholesale: $195

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