Antique Victorian Photograph

Antique Victorian Photograph

Antique Victorian Photograph



Darlene asks: What can you tell me about the value of this antique victorian photograph?

AW says: This is a turn of the 20th century photo in a beautiful walnut frame. The documentation you’ve sent with it serves to identify the subjects.  But from research I’ve done, the people in the photograph are  not historically important to  collectors.

While Ceaser Montanelli is certainly a significant figure in the world of agriculture, this does not spill over into the world of antique photographs.

If the couple were doing something other than only posing for this photograph, it could have more value.

The frame is lovely, and some may be interested in a picture like this for period costume reference.

Retail value: $125

Wholesale value $50

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Antique Photograph Album

Antique Photo Album

Antique Photo Album

The antique photograph album has 150  pictures in it.  Seventy of them are tintypes and the remainder are cabinet card photos. The people in the pictures are mostly local to Gloucester, MA. Below many of the photos

There are no known major historic personalities. Nor are there any “occupational” or sporting photographs which would add value to the album.

Each photo or tintype is approximately 2″x4″ and in good condition.

There are always variables when conducting an appraisal on items that contain many pieces and this photo album is a perfect example. For example, extensive research could reveal one of the photos to be of a historically important person. Barring that, here are my values.

Retail value: $225

Wholesale value:$150

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What’s it worth? Last known pictures of Babe Ruth

Karl asks:
Hi Wally
I have  2 pictures with orignal negatives and authentication of what I believe are the last pictures take of Babe Ruth before he passed away.
I hope you can help me find out what they may be worth.

last known picture of babe ruth ?statement to last known pictures of babe ruth

AW says: Karl, this is an interesting photo indeed, and the documentation you’ve provided appears to be legitimate, and indeed if so, would seem to verify that this is the last photo taken of Babe Ruth.

There are some special things to consider here as I’ve learned whilst researching this.

The precedent on such an item has not been established yet, as there is no record of it being sold yet. Since it is a one of a kind item, there is little to compare it to. 

While a reasonable market analysis has been done, a well advertised sport’s memorabilia auction is where this lot should go. And as many auctions do, it’s results may prove to surpass the values given here.

It’s a rare item on one hand, on the other, it’s late in his career and un-signed.

Circa 1948

My appraisal is PER photo and negative set.

  • Retail value: $1,200
  • Wholesale value: $600-$800
  • Quick sale: (This item should not be offered for quick sale value)


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  • Boston Red Sox
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