Stickley Brothers Oak

Stickley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set

James says:
What can you tell me about my Sitckley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set?
I’d be interested in the best places to list this set on line and the max value I could expect to get .
Stickley Brothers Oak Dining Room Set 1902 Quaint Furniture Label Stickley Oak Table
AW says: This is a wonderful example of Stickley Brothers Furniture. They began the Quaint Line in the early 1900s featuring Mission style furniture.
The black & gold  label is circa  1902.  This Quaint furniture featured gorgeous quarter-sawn or “Tiger Oak” . The set is made from solid oak. It was quarter-sawn to expose the beautiful tiger stripe grain.
It’s important that you have so much of this set and that helps bring up the value.
These days, to get top money for sets like this, people are using websites like Chairish, eBay & First Dibs. I think those are where you’d need to go to get top dollar for your Stickley Brother Oak. A local auction house could help you sell it, but it would be more of a gamble.
Retail value for the set: $3,800
Wholesale value: $2,200

Oak S Roll Top Desk

Oak S Roll Top Desk
The drawers make the difference.

Side view panels roll top desk

Oak S Roll Top Desk Value

Bernie says:

Hello Walt,

What is this Oak s roll top desk value? The roll top is raised panel throughout. 21 horizontal drawers 2 of which are lockable and 1 left and vertical drawer. Condition excellent.

AW says: This is an excellent example of an antique roll-top desk. It has some great features that we like to see in the collectible models.

First is the large amount drawers, nearly any piece of furniture with a lot of drawers is going to sell well, but it’s an especially important factor for a desk. Next, the desk is solid oak, opposed to veneer.

The banks go all the way to the floor which is a must for an attractive desk to be suitable for home use.

It’s an S-Roll which is more popular than the C-Roll models.

The carved fluted handles are original and aesthetically pleasing.

And the sides of this desk are beautifully paneled with beveled inserts. Therefore,  placement in just about any part of the room is doable.

The desk is circa turn of the 20th century.

Retail value: $3,200

Wholesale Value: $2,000

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Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal


Jeannie asks:

I sent photos of what I believe is an engineer desk. Has been in my dad office for over 4o years  no knowledge f where it came from or age  excellent condition.

Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

map cabinet Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

AW says:

Hello Jeannie,

While many engineers used these, what it’s called is a map cabinet. It’s something that you’d seen in a city planners office, or that of an architect. This one is made out of solid oak, it’s circa 1910s and is a pretty desirable piece of furniture.

Antiques with a lot of drawers are popular because they appeal to so many people. Antiques dealers will use them to store prints and flat paper items, of course maps, as well as jewelry, smalls etc.

Yours is nice because it has several different size drawers including one for filing index cards.

These are still desired pieces collected as status  symbols by engineers, architect, sea captains.

Retail value: $475

Wholesale: $200

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