What’s it worth? Appraisal for 1935 Huller bassoon

Alex asks,

What is the value of my 1935 Huller Bassoon? Huller
bassoons were made in Schoneck (part of the old East Germany) and,
after the wall came down, the factory closed down and the workers went
to Adler & Moennig and to the west.  They were extremely popular in

AW says: This is quite a bassoon. It appears to be made, or partly made of black walunt. No doubt the hardware is nickel plate. It looks to be in average condition. Huller was a student of Heckel, a master Bassoon craftsman.

If your bassoon is in very good condition as it appears to be, it would still likely benefit from some maintenance. If you were to sell it, I’d list it on eBay as there is a good chance someone from England will bid on it.


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What’s it worth? Appraisal of Baldwin Organ

Good afternoon!

Please find pictures of a D. H. Baldwin Organ, Classical Series.  It is in full working condition.  It was my Mom’s and she played it daily until her death a few months ago.  She used it to practice for church. 

I am more than willing to supply more pictures if needed, I was not certain what would be best for your needs.  I believe it was built in the early 1980’s. 


Thank you so much for your time to this matter,


Baldwin DH organ


AW says: 

These are beautiful organs and are very expensive when purchased new. However, the value for them on the secondary market is low and they can be a bit of a white elephant as they are large and have a limited target market.

  • Retail value: $2,200
  • Wholesale: $900-$1,500
  • Quick Sale: $300

The attraction of “like things” at auction…oh & another contest!

One of the auction phenomenon that always amazes me, is what I call the attraction of like things. This is one of the craziest, yet relaible occurences that seems to happen with just about every auction.

It goes like this: You get a few particular kinds of items for an upcoming auction, and all of the sudden, from different places, the same types of items, or what we in the biz call “like” items, seem to come out of  nowhere.

There are a  couple of explanations for this, the first is: A client may see that you have a nice item in category A, so then they bring items in the same category because confidence was instilled in them. After all you already haves some nice items in category A, so it makes sense if they bring more of the same, the pool of potential bidders will grow stronger for that type of thing.

At least this should happen if the auctioneer advertises that he has those kinds of items. Usually he/she does. Especially since advertising and posting photos on the www.Auctionzip.com website is free to advertise on and gets a lot of traffic, so has become the standard bearer in the industry. 

Simply put, almost all auctioneers with experience advertise there, and most of the auction savvy auction goers check the site religiously. 

But there may be other reasons that like items start showing up. Perhaps there is a popular culture meme regarding the items(s). Or it could be seasonal. Or sometimes, it just seems impossible to figure out.

This week I’m happy to have gotten a few nice musical instruments. It started out w/ 3 clarinests. Then a trumpet, than a set of drums, then an instrument I can’t name which is the subject of the contest below. Then a great Behringer 300watt active PA speaker. Who knows, maybe well get more musical instruments in. I hope so!


                                              The contest rules:

 Be the first person to post the correct answer to my trivia question here on the AuctionWally.com in the comments section below this post, and you’ll win a neat surprise package envelope which will contain random items from my recent estate finds! That’s it. Pretty simple huh?

Now of course, I’ll need a way to get that package to the winner, so if you’re the winner, I’ll let you know in the comments section, then send your snail mail address and I’ll fire that envelope right off to you!

In the event that no one wins the contest within 7days. I’ll post the correct answer and the contest will be closed. But don’t worry, I’ll be running them often.

Things likely to be in said envelope are vintage postcards, ephemera, books, old photos and who knows what else!

                                                The question:

What is the name of this instrumet shown below? It is supposed to have two strings. It can be played with a bow, but I’ve also seen it picked in a movie recently. The drum part, or cylinder, is covered in snakeskin.