Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo Bishoprike Durham – Bleau – 1647

Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo Bishoprike Durham - Bleau - 1647Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo Bishoprike Durham - Bleau - 1647

Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo Bishoprike  Durham

This map is a 17th century hand colored edition of the original which was published in 1647.

Blaeu was probably the most important cartographer of his time. This is a beautiful edition of his work.

There is damage on the back therefore this lowers the value.

Asking prices for similar maps are in the range of $500, but actual selling prices are lower. As with any antique/collectible, the item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Your Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo The Bishoprike of Durham is no different.

Legitimate appraisals are usually based on current market value and speculation is frowned upon. That said, this website also serves to help those who wish to learn about the investment potential of collectibles.

It’s my opinion, that early hand colored maps, prints, photographs etc, are undervalued in the marketplace today. While they are mass-produced before they are colored, once colored each is it’s own individual work of art.

Retail price: $325

Wholesale price: $175


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  • Map Episcopatus Dunelmensis Vulgo  Bishoprike  Durham – Bleau – 1647

Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal


Jeannie asks:

I sent photos of what I believe is an engineer desk. Has been in my dad office for over 4o years  no knowledge f where it came from or age  excellent condition.

Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

map cabinet Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal Antique Oak Map Cabinet Appraisal

AW says:

Hello Jeannie,

While many engineers used these, what it’s called is a map cabinet. It’s something that you’d seen in a city planners office, or that of an architect. This one is made out of solid oak, it’s circa 1910s and is a pretty desirable piece of furniture.

Antiques with a lot of drawers are popular because they appeal to so many people. Antiques dealers will use them to store prints and flat paper items, of course maps, as well as jewelry, smalls etc.

Yours is nice because it has several different size drawers including one for filing index cards.

These are still desired pieces collected as status  symbols by engineers, architect, sea captains.

Retail value: $475

Wholesale: $200

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New auction venue begins in Gloucester MA Oct. 5th, 2011

Jeez, it’s been a long time since I visited this part of the webisite. It’s time to dust off the news section, and I’m happy to be doing so w/ the announcement of my first auction in Gloucester MA.

First I want to say, that if you’re familiar with auctions, you’ll be happy to know that there will be no buyer’s premium for this auction.

It consists mostly of the estate of Lockhart Smith, (an aviation professor at Wentworth College)

It took about a week with help to remove the estate contents from it’s location in Saugus MA. We picked from an attic, 3 bedrooms and an annex on the 2nd floor a parlour, a living room, kitchen and annex on the first floor, and a basement.

Here’s a preview of the product and the process.

More details and a lot more pictures can be found on my page  and gallery

First off: We love crunchy boxes that haven’t been unpacked for years, there’s almost nothing better.

old box

We had plenty of them to go through for this sale.

 bulk lots

 Fortunately, the following are samples of what’s in these boxes…

1st edition, near mint condition! 1917Another rare 1st ed. (1909) is among many early aviation pubs. in this auction

There will be a great mix of antiques & collectibles from large to small, including very sizable & important collection of aviation ephemera, books and memorabilia.

Cranberry wheel-cut lamps

A good auction could be the least wasteful event you attend all month. This little used double French door is like new, comes with frame and was freshly taken out of my new auction hall where a wall will go up.

french doorsDoor Size (4’x6’8”) rough opening 4’2”x6’9”

The hall starts to take form…













 …even if it doesn’t always look it.

For updates: Check back here at or on my page  and gallery

Feel free to comment on the auction, connect w/ other dealers and ask questions in the moderated comment section.

Our next auction is scheduled for Wednesday November 2nd. (Details for that coming soon)