Oscar Anderson Watercolor

 Oscar Anderson Watercolor

 Oscar Anderson Watercolor signature   Oscar Anderson Watercolor

Ivan asks: I have this Oscar Anderson watercolor painting, what is it worth?

AW says: This is a wonderful Oscar Anderson Watercolor. The subject is “Sailboats in Gloucester MA”.  There are very few auction records of Oscar Anderson’s watercolor works.

His most valuable works are his large oil paintings of marine subjects.

As you likely know, watercolors are less valuable than oil paintings, so that is a bit of a negative, however it is a marine painting which is what he is best known for. This  Oscar Anderson Watercolor is a classic worth having.

Retail value: $750

Wholesale value: $400


Some unexpected surprises

Cliche though it may be, you just never know what you’re going to find in this crazy business! Really. In a recent storage locker purchase, I’ve become the owner of about 40-60 banana boxes of antique/vintage books. Now I know that just reading that sentence makes your lower back ache, and most dealers/auctioneers cringe at the thought of such a find.

But I love books. I started out in the biz picking books and records, selling them to shop owners on the East Side of Providence, RI. And I still pic books and records, although now I list them on Amazon and eBay, or put them in my own live auction rather than humping them over to storefronts. Anyway, there have been a lot of neat treasures in the boxes from this storage buy I got, but check out this very rare book I found!

Who is Floyd Akers? Click the pic to find out!The next thing I found, is a great contact! Yup, my favorite thing to find in this business is someone whom one can be truely grateful to have found. The subject of my grattitude here is a gent by the name of David Sokol. Mr Sokol is a phenomenal photographer here on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Most recently I was looking for a great picture that would make a splash on my upcoming auction flier for my June 27th auction. You see, this is opening night of St. Peter’s Fiesta here in Gloucester, and I want to do a tie-in with some vintage clothes and costumes I have. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Greasy Pole walk? This is a Gloucester tradition that’s been going on since the 1930s and is not to be missed if you can help it!

Rather than explain it here, I suggest you go to this page for more details. Suffice it to say, that bravery and dressing in drag play key roles in this event. 

Anyway, I was looking for a picture of a Greasy Pole contest winner that would bring attention to my flier and this is what I  found… I know!

Photo by David Sokol

I contacted Mr Sokol to ask his permission to used a clipped version of this shot for my auction flier and he generously agreed.  So a BIG thanks to him. I love this shot it completely captures the spirit of the Greasy Pole Walk. I hope to see you there this year?

Oh! One more thing, Mr. Sokol has two websites that any serious fan of photgraphy should check out, they are:




Put on the coffee before you go to these websites, you’re going to be at them awhile!