How much are antique Inuit baskets worth?

Jerry asks:

How much is my collection of 5 American Inuit Eskimo baskets worth?

AW says: That’s a nice collection of Inuit or American Eskimo coil baskets. They are circa turn of the 20th century judging by the coloration, design and wear. The Inuit were well known for their coil baskets which served many functions.

Although I’m appraising the 5 piece lot as a collection, I place more value on the ones finger loop handles and the one with the red and green design. I believe that these two would account for 60-75% of the value of the lot.

  • Retail value for the 5 pieces: $600-$750
  • Wholesale: $300-$425


  • coil basket
  • Inuit basket
  • American Eskimo
  • Indian basket

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How much is my Kachina doll worth?

Sherry asks? I don’t know if this is Hopi or not, I’ve donated it to a local auction and want to know how much it’s worth.

AW says: Although you didn’t send a measure,emt, it appears from the pictures and the plants in the background that your Kachina is about 4 feet tall. He’s contemporary and is pretty neat. It’s definitely in the Hopi style, and one would hope from the feathers in his headdress that he was made by a Native American. (they are the only ones allowed to use eagle feathers) but without a signature or attribution, I have now way of knowing for sure. I’m going to assume for the sake of this appraisal that it is made by a Native American, as it likely is.

Retail value: $350-$450

Wholesale value: $200


  • Native American
  • American Indian
  • Kachina