20th Century S Roll Top Desk

20th Century S Roll Top Desk

20th Century S Roll Top Desk

Thea asks: What can you tell me about this desk?

AW says: This is a very good quality late 2oth Century S Roll Top Desk. The clear crisp lines on the edges tell us it’s age, although it’s an excellent work which respected the style and construction of earlier period desks.

The condition is excellent and it’s a solid oak piece, not veneered. It’s a good home model, which have more styling than the commercial counterparts. For example: beveled drawer fronts, banks that go all the way to the floor on either side as opposed to being¬† set on feet, and a nice S-roll, where commercial models are often of the plainer C-Roll variety.

Retail value: $1,200

Wholesale: $500

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Oak C Roll Top Desk

Oak Roll Top Desk

Oak C Roll Top Desk

James asks: What can you tell me about this desk?


AW says: This is a “C-Roll Top Desk“. It’s made of oak veneer over a secondary oak. These were made with this technique due to the sheer volume of wood needed to make a desk of this style and purpose.

The purpose of this desk would have been for commercial use in a bank or a large office. The commercial desks like this are identifiable by size, the fact that there’s a C-Roll as opposed to an S roll, and it’s up on legs. Home versions were smaller, a bit fancier, and had an S roll.

These were workhorses, thus very well made and stood the test of time.

The period of this desk is from 1910s to 1930s.

Retail value: $650

Wholesale value: $250

Gibson F-4 Mandolin

Gibson F-4 Mandolin

Heather asks:

What can you tell me about this Gibson Mandolin?

AW says: From the pictures and phone conversation we had, it’s appears that this is in very good, original condition.¬† The serial # on the inside, indicates it was made between 1912 and 1917.

You’ve indicated that there were to structure cracks, and that a small bit of Purfling is missing around the edge. I see where it’s lifted a bit as well.

This beautiful instrument was made at a time in the US when quality of craftsmanship was as important as it’s ever been. Everything from the details on the headstock, to the engraving on the tuning pegs, was given great attention to detail.

The pride of owning something like this came with the responsibility to taking very good care of it, and it has been well cared for.

Retail value: $8,200

Wholesale value : $6,500