How to sell on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great venue to sell on. If you keep it simple, and follow a few basic rules, you’ll sell your item(s). Many times, you can sell things on Craigslist that you can’t sell anywhere else.

Here is a list of simple steps to help you succeed.

  • Post an accurate title
  • Keep your price reasonable.
  • Post “phone calls only” in your description, then place a phone# you can be reached at. The main scam on CL involves contacting the seller by email with and offer to send a “certified check”.
  • Consider putting OBO (or best offer) in your item description.
  • Give an accurate description of your item including size, color and other important details.
  • Post some great pictures of your item.
  • Re-post and refresh your ad if the item doesn’t sell at first. There are always a lot of fresh eyes on the site and your item will sell if it’s a good deal and presented well. But sometimes you have to be persistent.

Good Luck!


Primitive & hand wrought iron tools of Colonial New England

Antique Hand Wrought Iron Tools

Are you interested in primitive tools?
Many people love aged tools because of their history and beauty. For
many thousands of years, humans used iron tools and other primitive
tools to hunt and build effectively. The tools had to be lightweight
and dependable because many early humans were nomads who traveled
frequently. If you are interested in hand wrought iron tools and
primitive tools, be sure to check out this auction.

One of the most common antique hand
wrought iron tools is the hammer. Hammers were used mainly to build
shelter. Later they were used by blacksmiths to forge all kinds of
useful weapons and other tools. We still use hammers today for almost
every construction project. However early humans also utilized
hammers to hunt because of the power and blunt force that they offer.
There is a wide selection of antique hammers that you can find for

One of the most useful primitive tools
that we still use today is the saw. Of course today we still use saws for many things
and in much the same way we did throughout history. And although you may think of the new models to be better developed, it’s often not the case. Early saws and other primitive tools had a degree of master craftsmanship in their handles that just can’t be matched.   

Another antique hand wrought iron tool
that many people find fascinating is the axe. A long time ago, axes
were used to cut wood for fires and primitive homes as well as self
defense. Today they serve a similar purpose, but are not as common as
hammers or knives. Hatchets which are smaller axes were also popular
thousands of years ago. They are lighter and cut small trees better
than large axes. Of course, you can also use your hatchet as a small
hammer as long as the metal is strong enough. Both antique and modern
hatchets can be found in stores throughout the country.

Whether you are looking to use them, or collect them as investments, a well made antique tool has no equal.