What’s it worth? Appraisal for Seth Thomas Steeple clock

Kary asks:

Hello, I think I just sent pictures of my Seth Thomas clock.  I don’t know anything about it’s history.  My dads friend who gave it to him said it was his mothers.  A little hammer hits a tube and strikes the time.

seth thomas sharon steeple clockseth thomas steeple clock

AW says: Kary, this clock is circa 1940-1960. Being a Seth Thomas, it’s very poplular  with collectors and is a fine clock. That said, don’t confuse it with the earlier 19th century version of the Sharon model Seth Thomas Steeple clock.

There are several reasons we know later than the original, but the dead give-a-way is the Phillips head screws holding the face on. These weren’t invented until 1930 and didn’t really come into common use for clocks like these until after 1940.

The case is maple, and the type of clock is a Steeple clock, so named for it’s shape.

  • Retail value: $175
  • Wholesale: $95-$125
  • Quick sale: $50-$65

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