What’s it worth? Appraisal for Wedgwood Bronze Ormolu wall sconces

John asks:

Thank you for doing our appraisal on 9-20-2010. Please find 1 of 5 lighting fixtures that we need appraised. 

Bronze Wall Sconce with 4 candle lights and carved etching. Size: 45” x 9” x 15”.

bronze wall sconces wedgwood black basalt medallions

neo-classic sconces with wedgwood porcelain

AW says: That’s a very impressive pair of Ormolu wall sconces. Like the other lighting you’ve sent me to appraise, this is a neo-classic style set. Circa early to mid 19th century, and they have marvelous Wedgwood black basalt porcelain medallions. 

Also adding a lot of value is the size. 45” tall is more than significant for wall sconces. The form and symentry achieved in this set are at a pinnacle.

I’m going to appraise based on the assumption that they are NOT signed by the metal worker, but you should inspect every inch of them closely to see if they are. If so I will re-evaluate based on what you find.

Retail Value: $4,500-$5000

Wholesale value: $3000-$3500

Keywords, Wedgwood Jasper, porcelain medallions, black basalt, ormolu, neo-classic, large, giant, 4 arm bronze sconces,

What’s it worth? Appraisal for Alfred Edward Borthwick etching

Alfred Edward Borthwick engraving

Thom asks:


Hello, Walt,
First I’d like to say that your website, what you’re doing by offering your services, running charity auctions, etc., is a phenomenal and most valuable thing to do.
That being said, I do have a question for you regarding what I believe may be an original pencil and ink OR an etching/engraving by Scottish artist Alfred Edward Borthwick, of the Borthwick Castle in Midlothian.
The unfortunate part is I am a book seller on eBay, who dabbles in art/collectible glass and pottery… and am in no way proficient in fine art. So what looks to me as an original could very well be an etch or engraving.


AW says: Hi Thom, thanks for your interest in my site, I’m glad you find it useful.
This is an etching of a very well known work titled ‘The Presence’.
It definately gets points for being hand signed in pencil. Original pencil signed etchings are gaining in popularity and and value.
A nice pencil signed etching by this artist I think would fetch between $75.00 and $150.00 on eBay.
An original pen and ink would bring thousands in a well-advertised auction.