Whats it worth? 1920s French Provincial inlaid table

inlaid antique stand

french style stand

Edward asks:

Hi Walt,
I’m hoping you can help me with information about this beautiful Antique Inlaid Table. I have no idea where it was made. It belonged to my friend’s grandparents who were European Jews that emigrated to the U.S. in the 1920’s and 1930’s from Husiatyn, Poland (now part of the Ukraine). This was used in their living room as an end table from as far back as he can remember, which would be the early 1950’s. I haven’t noticed any nails used on it, the only metal (I think) being small round dots on the bottom of the feet, to be used like a glider I imagine.

AW says: That’s a French Provincial Style Table, circa 1920s, so technically it would be Provincial Revival. Small stands and tables are among the most easy pieces of furniture to sell within their price range. I’m sure it’s Walnut judging by the pictures.

Thanks so much for your interest and continued support.

Date range: 1920s

Retail value: $250

Wholesale value: $125-$175
(The midrange price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: $75-$100
The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

Common trade terminology: French Provincial Style Stand, Table, Walnut Table, Inlaid, Marquetry Work,

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Care and storage tips: I’d only lightly dust something like this. Never polish the top, if liquids get in the marquetry work it could lift. Keep out of strong sunlight for long periods of time.

What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique tavern table


I recently purchased this English pub table for $150.  After doing some research on the internet, the value and age of this piece is still a mystery. Prices varied from $400 to $1300, circa 1900 – 1920.  I would greatly appreciate a professional appraisal.

This English oak pub table is 35.5” square, 29” high.  It has barley twist legs and a cross brace that has two grooves running lengthways. Two draw leafs (11.5” each) pull out; one is slightly warped.  Construction: glued corners, saw marks on middle support, straight screws only, and no markings underneath.

The wood grain on top is different, a very tight grain – I believe it may be quarter sawn oak. The finish is glossy and the color is lighter; six small blemishes where the original finish wore through.  What makes this table unique is that the middle section is dark stained, the outer border is a lighter stain and it has this golden inlay that ranges from 1/16” to ¼”.

So glad I found your website.



antique tavern table

antique pub tableoak tavern table

antique oak tavern table

AW says:  Thanks Eileen

When it comes to tavern or pub tables, they are pretty collectible. However, the earlier ones generally bring the most money and although your’s is almost 100 years old, it’s not a period piece. Early examples go back to the 1700s.

That said, your’s is a wonderful 20th century version, the barley twist legs mean it’s most likely English, I agree that the top is oak, and some pieces of it do look to be quarter-sawn. The base however, appears to be of another wood, perhpas cherry, no matter, it’s a common practice in furniture making to mix woods.

You are spot on with the assessment of age, circa 1910-20. The slide out leafs make it unique item, and one that collectors and decorators alike would desire. My evaluation, takes into consideration that the top has been refinished.

Retail value = $550

Wholesale value = $300

Quick sale value = $200

Keywords = Quartersawn oak, barley twist, English, pub, tavern, table,

What’s it worth? Appraisal for Korean dressers

Michael asks: How much are my dressers worth? They are described as follows:

These are a matching pair of
Korean styled dressers standing at little more than 4 feet tall.
They are both in excellent condition with no scratches or chips.

AW says: Those are lacquer finish cabinets or cupboards. I wouldn’t say they are dressers since they have glass doors. They are made of Elm and the hardware and patina tells me they are circa 1940-1965.

  • Retail value for the pair: $975-$1,175
  • Wholesale: $375-$525


  • Glass door cupboards
  • class cabinets with drawers
  • Korean elm