Antique S Roll-Top Desk

Antique Oak S Roll Top Desk

Inside of S Roll Desk







AW: Says, this is an S-Roll Top Desk, as opposed to the the C-roll or cylinder roll.  It’s made of solid oak and was quite the workhorse in it’s day. This large desk has plenty of drawer space for the office worker, and is certainly an office piece of furniture, although it has blended aesthetics of a home piece, which make it more attractive to the homeowner or decorator.

For example, it has drawer banks that go all the way to the floor instead of being up on legs. It has solid oak paneled sides and wooden handles.

This is circa turn of the 20th century.

Retail value, $1,800

Wholesale Value $400

(The difference between retail value and wholesale values is quite a gap these days for large, brown furniture. While the person who wants just a piece for their home can expect to pay a pretty penny, because few want to give such beautiful pieces away, the fact is, that the dealers are finding fewer buyers for such items.) Thus when such items come up for auction (which is usually a wholesale market, they sell poorly, but when/if a re-seller has such an item in their shop, they’ll ask quite a bit. Especially with an item like this which can be used while it’s for sale.