Wedding Cake Chandelier

Chandelier crystals

Suzie asks:

This chandelier is in a house I purchased 2 years ago. The owner asked to keep it, but I asked her to leave in the house. She purchased it several years before and had to have her ceiling reinforced as it was too heavy. She has since passed on and so I can’t ask about it. It seems to me that the purple hanging glass has been added.

There is no other information I have. Thank you for your help.

Wedding cake chandelier



AW says: I can see why she would have wanted to take it with here, but usual real estate sales don’t allow removing wired fixtures. You were right to request that it stay.

This is beautiful and worthy of a ballroom. I can only imagine what the rest of the house is like. Yes, the purple crystal is added on after, perhaps it had sentimental value.

This is a contemporary piece in a neo-classic design. In order to support the weight, I’d wager the metal is solid brass. The form  reverse “wedding cake”.

The crystal work and formation is exemplary and I’m guessing you’d want to keep it where it is!

Retail value: $4,500

Wholesale value: $1,800.