Frank Vining Smith Painting


                Frank Vining Smith Painting

Frank Vining Smith Painting
The Haunted Wood Edge of Water

Bernie asks: What can you tell about the value of this Frank Vining Smith Painting? It measures 19″x 29″

AW says: Frank Vining Smith  (1879-1967)  was born in South Abington MA   He was known for marine-ship and wildlife paintings and illustration.

The example you have here – The Haunted Wood on the Edge of Water is a wonderful example of his work depicting a forest as the subject with  waterfowl in flight.

Historic auction records show strong interest in Mr. Vining’s work, who sometimes signed with the initials F.V. Vining before his last name. The light I believe is excellent and the color contrast of the forest to the birch trees in the foreground is I think, superb.

Retail value: $2,800

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