Oak C Roll Top Desk

Oak Roll Top Desk

Oak C Roll Top Desk

James asks: What can you tell me about this desk?


AW says: This is a “C-Roll Top Desk“. It’s made of oak veneer over a secondary oak. These were made with this technique due to the sheer volume of wood needed to make a desk of this style and purpose.

The purpose of this desk would have been for commercial use in a bank or a large office. The commercial desks like this are identifiable by size, the fact that there’s a C-Roll as opposed to an S roll, and it’s up on legs. Home versions were smaller, a bit fancier, and had an S roll.

These were workhorses, thus very well made and stood the test of time.

The period of this desk is from 1910s to 1930s.

Retail value: $650

Wholesale value: $250