Nichols & Stone Rockport Arm Chair

Nichols & Stone Rockport Arm Chair

Nichols & Stone Rockport Arm Chair







The following info applies to this Nichols & Stone Rockport armchair as well as other pieces by N&S.

A Nichols & Stone shop mark was burned into most pieces to verify authenticity. However, when we see a chair without a burned in shop mark it may have happened because of oversight or broken branding irons.

Nevertheless, when there is no brand there is often a paper label. The one that appears on your chair was used extensively in the 1930″s. Though our research was unable to produce an exact match we are confident that this chair would be in the date range of 1930-1940.

Catalogs were very expensive to publish during the The Great Depression and were not published every year. In addition, there were many variations made of the Windsor design included chairs produced to special order. It is not unusual that a chair manufactured during this time not appear in a catalog.

This chair has very nice wear and is in excellent condition.

Retail value: $275

Wholesale value: $95

The reason for the extra large gap in wholesale & retail pricing is due to a single chair being more difficult to sell than a set.

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