Karl Sterrer Plaques

Karl Sterrer Plaques

Karl Sterrer Polychrome Sculpture Pair Value

This appraisal is for a beautiful pair of Karl Sterrer plaques. Sterrer was an Austrian artist. He lived from 1844 to 1919.  The plaques measure 24″ x 12″ unframed.  They measure 34″ x 23″ in the frames.

These are dated 1892.  The allegorical motif features a sculptor and his muse. Thus, it’s possible that this is a self portrait.

Careful framing is critical with art like this, therefore value is added for the skillful framing. The frames are made of  gold gilt gesso over wood.

Sometimes you’ll find these plaques painted over in gold. There’s less value in those due to lost their eye appeal.

These Sterrer plaques work well with mid-century decorating options.

Retail value: $900

Wholesale value $400