Hanley’s Peerless Ale Tray

Hanley’s Peerless Ale Tray

Hanley's Peerless Ale Tray

This Hanley’s Peerless Ale Tray from Providence Rhode Island is a collectible which on an increased value trend. There are several reasons for this.

First, millenials are collecting beer trays. The tray is a piece of Americana, therefore the spectrum of collectors is wide. Antiques & collectibles, like everything else in the marketplace, are fix to the law of “supply & demand”.

This tray is 12″ in diameter and on a scale from 1-10 I’d say it’s a strong 6. It has great graphics, and crossover potential because of the bull-dog. At least three possible types of collectors could be interested. Those would be, collectors of things with dogs on them, breweriana collectors and people who collect advertising items.

This tray is circa 1940s.

Retail value: $100

Wholesale: $60

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