Antique Iron Headboard

Antique Iron Headboard

Antique Iron Headboard

Antique Iron Headboards like these are collectible still. Today however, you’re just as likely to find them in a garden as in a bedroom.

The trend toward household furniture is turning away from the Victorian style and to the mid-century danish design. This is true for inside furnishing.

But these have been popping up for years in gardens as gates and trellises. They may be painted, but they look great when rusted too! The only thing that hasn’t transferred very well, is the value.

A nice antique iron twin sized bed may have been worth $200-$300 back in the day. Today these old headboards are plentiful in antique shops and flea markets throughout the country.

Circa 1910-20s.

Retail value: $50

Wholesale value: $20