Lane Cedar Chest

Lane Cedar Chest

Lane Cedar Chest

This Lane cedar chest was a staple in postwar American homes. It replaced colonial style blanket chests.

Someone painted this chest  white. It came from the factory with a mahogany finish. It’s a Chippendale Revival piece of furniture.

The top will lift, the drawer fronts are faux designs. When the top is lifted, the container box extends all the way to the floor. There are no real drawers.

People will often call them “Hope Chests” and they are a favorite wedding gift.

Although they’ve fallen out of favor in some modern homes, they’re still a great way to keep blankets and linens fresh! If you have one and the inside cedar smell had faded, simply give a light sanding to the inside walls to re-activate the cedar.

Circa 1950s.

Retail value: $295

Wholesale $75