Columbia Records Grafonola Sign

Columbia Records Grafonola Sign
Columbia Records Grafonola Sign
What is the value of this Columbia Records Grafonola Sign?

Antique collectors and dealers have a love affair with antique signs. It’s been that way for quite a while.  The  Columbia Records Grafonola advertisement shown above, depicts a magical time in America.

By the turn of the 20th century,  American homes would have jazz, blues & classical music in the background. That is, if it wasn’t absolutely pouring out of the windows!  This was due to the invention of Thomas Edison’s talking machine. Not long after that came the record player, and you know the rest!

The record is a historic American icon. Even today it’s revival is playing a big role in the music industry.

The sign above is 28″ in diameter. It’s enamel and porcelain over steel, it’s double sided and the graphics are amazing!  But the condition on this example is well above average. These have a history of selling even in slightly worse condition above $2,500.

This sign is circa 1910s-20s

Retail value: $3,000

Wholesale value: $1.900

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