1920s Antique Slag Lamp

1920s Antique Slag Lamp

1920s antique slag lamp

This is a circa 1920s antique slag lamp. It’s what’s known as  transitional piece. The condition of the shade and base of this antique lamp is excellent. But there are two things that could have made this lamp more valuable.

The key word here is “transitional”. You see, this means the style transitioned out of one period, into another. In this case, out of the art nouveau style, into the arts & crafts style.

The problem with this is that collectors place the highest values on items that are pure period pieces.

That said, this is still a beautiful 1920s antique slag lamp. The slag glass panels are in excellent condition and there is no damage to them, or the bronze coated base.

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Retail value: $325

Wholesale value: $150