Victorian Bedroom Suite

Trina asks:

Please appraise this Victorian bedroom suite.

victorian bedroom suite victorian chest of drawers








Victorian Bedroom Suite

AW says: This is a circe late 1800s bedroom suite.┬áThe wood used looks to be black walnut veneer. ┬áThis ornate set was a pricey combo in it’s day. The black walnut veneer was used to enhance aesthetics as was the rose or plum marble top. These Victorian Suites were very popular up until the mid 1990s, and then fell out of favor a bit.

The mirror has it’s original beveled glass and the chest of drawers looks to have all of it’s original pulls.

The bed, no doubt is a 3/4 size as most beds of this era were and that hurts value a bit.

Retail value for the set: $550

Wholesale Value: $250


  • Gothic
  • Victorian
  • chest of drawers
  • dresser
  • 3/4 size bed

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