Four Antique Needlepoint Covered Saber Leg Chairs

Four Antique Needlepoint Covered Saber Leg Chairs

Richard asks:

Please tell me what these chairs are worth.

Saber Leg chairs


AW says: You’ve indicated in your text, that there are four of these chairs, so my appraisal is for the lot of four.

These are “Empire Revival Saber Leg Chairs” with hand done needlepoint seats.Like much of the wooden furniture of this era, it is most likely a mahogany or walnut frame, it’s difficult to say with only a picture to reference them.

We usually like to see a set of at least 6 when it comes to dining room chairs, but never the less, your saber leg chairs are nice examples and look to be in very good condition.

Retail value for the set: $600

Wholesale value: $250

One of the tricks of the trade dealers often use for dark wood scuffs and scratches is something called “Old English Scratch Cover” Unlike furniture polish, Old English is used to ONLY cover scratches and the excess should be wiped off. If you follow the instructions on the bottle, you should get amazing results.

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