Antique Victorian Camel Back Sofa

Richard asks: Please appraise this couch.

Antique Camel Back Sofa
Walnut frame Victorian Camel Back Sofa

Antique Victorian Camel Back Sofa

AW says: This is a late 1800s Victorian Camel Back Sofa. It appears to be in excellent condition. It has cabriole legs, tufted fabric and most likely a walnut wood frame.

The innards would have been stuffed with horsehair, supported by coil springs.

As with all appraisals this one was conducted from several factors including good comparisons. Knowing what exactly an item is, is half the battle. Since I already knew what it was, gleaning price data was easy.

But the method of selling you sofa is just as important as an appraisal. There are a lot of variables, but in general, the faster you need to sell an item, the less you will receive for it.

Here is another example  of an antique victorian camel back sofa that sold about a year ago.

Retail value: $1,500

Wholesale value: $800

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