Roll Top Oak Desk Appraisal

Kristi asks:

Hello!  I purchased an online appraisal for a Roll Top Desk and Chair that is part of my father’s estate.  I need a value of this for his estate inventory.  The desk is actually in excellent condition but is extremely dusty.  The desk top measures approx. 50 inches X 30 inches and the chair seat is approx. 22 X 19 and the back rest of the chair is 30 inches tall from the base of the seat.  From what I can tell is that it originally belonged to a Dr. E. M. Tyler of Auburn NE in roughly the 1910’s.

Any help that you can provide would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Roll Top Oak Desk

AW says: This type of roll top desk, is referred to as an S-Roll because of the s-curve the roll top takes on the tambour door rolls. Generally speaking, s-rolls are more desirable than the more industrial looking C-rolls. Which as their name would imply, drops down in a cylinder or a “c” shape.
Your desk is made of solid oak. It has several desirable factors not seen in every roll top. First as I’d mentioned above, it’s an s-roll. Next is that it has attractive beveled panel sides. Then it also has banks that go all the way to the floor which is much better than drawers that go down to short legs. The fact that it is solid oak rather than veneer is helpful as well.
Roll top desks really came into fashion in the 1910s, making their way into offices and stately homes.
Usually they had plenty of desk top area, and most importantly, many drawers, pigeon holes and storage spaces in back of the writing area.
Most of them also had a lock that could be used when the roll was down to secure privacy.
The chair ads a bit of value, but really, it’s all about the desk.
Your desk is circa 1910s
Retail value: $900-$1,200
Wholesale value: $400-$800 (currently large pieces of furniture are less desirable to dealers hence the large price discrepancy )

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