How much is my Kachina doll worth?

Sherry asks? I don’t know if this is Hopi or not, I’ve donated it to a local auction and want to know how much it’s worth.

AW says: Although you didn’t send a measure,emt, it appears from the pictures and the plants in the background that your Kachina is about 4 feet tall. He’s contemporary and is pretty neat. It’s definitely in the Hopi style, and one would hope from the feathers in his headdress that he was made by a Native American. (they are the only ones allowed to use eagle feathers) but without a signature or attribution, I have now way of knowing for sure. I’m going to assume for the sake of this appraisal that it is made by a Native American, as it likely is.

Retail value: $350-$450

Wholesale value: $200


  • Native American
  • American Indian
  • Kachina

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