What’s it worth? Appraisal cylinder Roll-top desk

I have sent two pictures of the desk, and can send more if needed. A description is this: is at least 60-80 years old, maybe older, and is three pieces (not including the desk drawers). Needs a good cleaning, which I can do, but have not done at the time of the photos.


 cylinder roll top desk

rolltop desk

 AW says: What you have is called a “cylinder roll top” desk. This refers to the roll which is a solid barrel roll piece as opposed to the tambour type which are like slats or ribs on a canvas strap. Your desk is most likely made of walnut, and is probably English or European judging by the gallery on top, and the leather inserts.

Also, it’s more formal and refined than what you usually see in a commercial office, and was likely built for a home or a home office. The drawer banks go all the way to the floor, as opposed to being up on feet, which is good. The sides are panelled and the desk appears to be in very good condition. It’s circa 1910s-30s.

Retail value: $900-$1,200

Wholesale: $300-$600 (The reason for the large gap, is because furniture is selling very slow right now, which means dealers are paying less than usual as they don’t want to sit on inventory for a long time.)