How much are those old GI Joe toys worth?

GI Joe, GI Joe! Fighting man from head to toe! Do you remember that ad jingle? This was one of the most famous toys ever made, put out by the Hasbro company. To see what the value of each of these are, just click on any picture below. 

  • GI Joe NIB, 11.5 inches tall, Amount: $130.00  Matthews Auctions
  • GI Joe Action Soldier in Marine Dress, comes with a lot of extra uniforms, 11.5 inches tall, Amount: $170.00  Matthews Auctions
  • GI Joe Foot Locker full of items Amount: $25.00 Matthews Auctions
  • $13.50  Auctioned on eBay
  • $28.50 Sold on eBay. Restored.
  • $63 on eBay  Medic Helmet missing one lug and strap, dogtag, Nice M1 Garand rifle, two crutches, medic bag, first aid kit, IV, Stretcher with one folding piece, medic pouch, splint, and field radio. Radio antenna is missing.
  • $64 Sold on eBay.  Green Beret with gear.
  • GI Joe White Tiger hunt Adventure team edition, with gear. Sold on eBay $110
  • $46 on eBay, proving that many times the accessories can be just as important as the toys.  This is for the arisaka rifle that went to the GI Joe Soldiers of the World "Japanese Imperial Soldier" circa 1966-67.
  • $17 Sold on eBay

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