What’s it worth? Appraisal of European river scene painting

Sharon asks:

This oil or egg tempera framed painting is from the Frank T.
Bliss estate. Mr. Bliss was an ancestor of mine who served as
president of the Chicago Board of Trade in the mid 1800’s. I don’t
find a signature of the artist.

There appears to be a castle in the far
background. The family originally came from Wales, so perhaps this
was a Welsh scene. There are four slightly damaged areas where
the paint is missing.

AW says:
Again as I say often, when the artist is not known, we go on what we do know. I agree that it’s a Euorpean painting and likely form the 19th century if the frame is a period indication.

The subject is majestic,the trees are well done the misty castle blends into the mountain in a believable way. That said, I’m not completey impressed with the movement of the small waterfall nor the building in the forground of the castle. The values given reflect the amound of damage the painting has.

Retail value: $250
Wholesale value: $95-$150

Keywords: European, Welsh painting, brook, castle, majestic, oil on canvas, Wales,