What’s it worth? Appraisal of large c-roll top desk

Denise asks:

Auction Wally,
The desk measures 60x31x47 and the back bottom panel lock with a key.
Thanks, Denise

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AW says: Thats an office style C-Roll, roll top desk. It appears that your desk is made of Mahogany, Walunt, or possibly a combination of both. The panel back means that it could be placed in the middle of a room and still be aesthetically pleasing. Another sign of quality, is that the banks of drawers go all the way to the floor. In general, the office style desks are more expensive than the home versions, but do not sell as quickly, hence the extra large gap between retail and wholesale.

Circa early to mid 20th century

Retail value: $1,500-$1,725

Wholesale value: $500-$800

Quick sale: $300

Keywords: C-roll, furniture, roll top desk, mahogany, original pigeon holes,