What’s it worth? Cutler antique roll top desk online appraisal

Robet asks:

Dear Auctionwally:

I inherited this Cutler roll top desk from my uncle when he passed. I believe he purchased the desk in the 1970s from an antique dealer in California. I am not sure exactly how old the desk is. The desk seems to be made out of oak and is in real nice condition . Cutler name is stamped in the top drawer.

Thank you for your assistance.


cutler antique roll top desk

  AW says:  That’s a circa 1920s solid oak, roll top desk. It’s been refinished. Several nice points about your desk are:

  • It’s made of solid oak
  • It’s an “S” roll. Named so for the shape of the tambour door on the top, as opposed to “C” rolls, which are cylindrical and less valuable as they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as the S tops are.
  • The banks of drawers on either side go all the way to the floor. The ones that end in short legs are less valuable. 
  • It still has it’s original kick panel in the center. Many times when these desks are moved that panel is removed and lots. 
  • It’s a nice size, being on the smaller end of the spectrum. The huge roll tops are often difficult to sell as not many folks have the room for them.

Retail value: $1,000-$1,200

Wholesale value: $$600-$800

Quick sale: $400

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