What’s it Worth? Appraisal of Antique Victorian Oil Painting


Valesca asks: Here is my second appraisal request.





AW says: That’s a Victorian oil on canvas. It’s in a black walnut frame and is done by an amateur artist. These old Victorian naive paintings have some charm and interest level, but have not reached the higher levels of prices in the paintings market.

As there is is no signature or you’ve not indicated at least, that it was signed, we have to go on the merit of the work itself without artist attribution.

Date range: 1870-1910


Retail value: $175
(top price)

Wholesale value: $65
(The mid range price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: $50
The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

Common terminology, nicknames, keywords: floral oil painting, o/c, victoriana, victorian, black walnut frame

Care and storage tips: You should never frame an oil based painting under glass. Oils need to breath.