Period Rococo vanity or reproduction? Assessment and appraisal.

reproduction rococo
reproduction vanityrepro rococo


Terry asks:

I’m trying to find a ball park price for my piece of furniture,,
can you help?


AW says:

Hi Terry. I’m sorry to say, that I’m quite sure, your vanity is a modern reproduction imported from the Philippenes or Malaysia.
There is a slight chance I could be wrong, but if you’ll study the item closely, I think you’ll find I’m correct.
Here’s why:

  • If you look close at the detail in the stain it is very uneven and blotchy in spots, compared to what you’ll find in a genuine Mahogany period piece.
  • I also see obvious evidence of chisel markes around the base and in much of the detail and a ‘wavy’ texture to the wood in it’s flat surface area around the mirror.
  • Also, the detail to the carving is nowhere near what it would be for an antique piece of this period.
  • These all indicate an import. I believe they are making these out of an inexpensive PuPu wood or some such.
  • Retail your item is worth about $350.00 at auction, I’d expect it to bring between $150.0o and $200.00

Thanks for interest, now that drop front desk peaking out of the left corner in one of the photos looks like it may be an antique ;)