What’s it worth? Copy of WWII Instrument of Surrender

Steve says:

Dear Sir,

I have repeatedly searched high and low on the internet for any information
concerning this document and have come up empty handed.

It obviously is a copy of the “Instrument of Surrender” with Japan, but I
don’t know if thousands were made or dozens which would certainly effect the

It has a red cover and back and 44 pages comprised of 8 pages of text of
Instrument of Surrender and 16 photos (each photo has a opposing page with a
description) of various scenes that were played out during the surrender.

There aren’t any marks as to who put this together or where it came from.  I
found it in my Great-Uncles house after he passed away at the age of 94.

I have included pictures of some of the text and some of the photos.  Let me
know if you need them all.

Thank you,


copy of WWII japanese instrument of surrender

instrument of surrender

AW says: This is a bound volume of a publication that was likely given to upper rank US Military. The fact that it’s professionally bound means that it’s not extremely scarce, but neither would it be so common.

The publication number is most likely in the several hundreds to low thousands, but not high thousands. While that may sound like scarce production numbers, keep in mind that it’s only the suspected count for this version, there are many other versions. It is an original period copy.

As far as collector value goes, it’s not a piece that is likely worth a lot of money unless it was marketed to someone who served in the theater at the time.

  • Retail value $125
  • Wholesale value $65
  • Quick sale: $35


  • Instrument of surrender
  • Officer’s bound volume
  • WWII
  • Japanese Surrender