What’s it worth? Appraisal of WL Stensgaard carved horse heads

Brian says:
Here are the pictures of the horse needing apprasial. The are W.L. Stensgaard & Assc. There company made Store displays from the 1930’s – at lease the 1960’s. They had The Disney Lic. in 1938 and 1941 – 62. They have been a few items that have sold. They range from $200 – 3500 or more. I’m not sure if these were a Disney Display or a disply for something else. It looks like they are wildly running. They have some condition issues. I look forward to your appraisal.
Thank You


carved mahogany horse head wl stensgaardwl stensgaard labelcarved mahogany horse head


AW says: W.L. Stensgaard & associates was an advertising firm in Chicago IL who among other campaigns, worked for Disney, “A Century of Progress” etc.

The horse heads you have here are a pair of beautifully carved mahogany pieces. As you’d mentioned, they have some condition issues, such as the broken ear on the one in the top-most picuture. My appraisal reflects those issues. That said, they are still very good works of advertising art and well worth having.

The lines on these are elegant and graceful, and just as much art as advertising. It’s difficult to say who their client was as there is no indication on the label, so we must go on the merit of the work itself. (If these were licensed fro Disney, there would be an indication)

Circa 1934-50

  • Retail value for the pair: $600
  • Wholesale: $250
  • Quick sale: $150-$195


  • W L Stensgaard
  • hand carved
  • folk art
  • horses
  • mahogany
  • a century of progress