What’s it worth? Appraisal of Semca vintage alarm clock

Mike asks:

This has been in my family longer then me.  I got it from my great aunt and uncle.  It runs and the alarm works.  It is marked Phinney-Walker Alarm Germany on the front.  On the back it looks like it is marked SEMCA CLOCK CO INC GERMANY

 semca alarm clock

semca alarm clock back

AW says: Phinney-Walker Semca alarm clocks are some of the best known and most reliable alarm clocks. There are basically two types, travel alarms, of which your’s is not, and bedside, or desk-top alarm clocks, which your’s is. These are more collectible than the travel alarm clocks in general.

Circa 1940-60

Retail value: $50-$75

Wholesale value: $35

Quick sale: $20

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