What’s it worth? Appraisal of Noritake service for 12 occupied japan

Chris asks:

I would appreciate an appraisal of this complete Noritake china service for 12.

The set includes accessory pieces such as serving plates and creamer and sugar bowl. The pattern is described as rose or flower and some of the pieces are stamped on the back with the imprint,

Made in Occupied Japan which places the manufacturing date as 1947-48. I have attached pictures. Overall in good condition, no cracks or chips.


noritake occupied japan service for 12noritake occupied mark

AW: This very popluar china is often referred to as a “Mystery set” because patterns were un-named so often. What’s important is the age, how attractive the set is, how large a service (a service for 12 is great), whether or not it has the important accessory pieces, and of course condition.

This has high marks in all those areas.

Retail value: $950-$1,500

Wholesale: $300 (There’s an extra large gap between wholesale & retail because of the amount of work involved in marketing, shipping, displaying a large set such as this.)

Quick sale: $150

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