What’s it worth? Appraisal of Hoosier cabinet

Gary asks:

Hi please give me an appraisel on this cabinet.  Bought it in Evansville Indiana, I did repaint and had the pinstripe  decals redone at a sign shop, it needed painting real bad.


Hoosier cabinetHoosier cabinet

AW says:

Hi Gary, you did the right thing by painting this. Sometimes an antique does need to be re-done. So many people are afraid to touch anything because they hear that an antique should remain in it’s original state, that’s true when feasible, not always practical.

I appreciate the before and after pictures, it looks like a great job was done with care to keep the piece as original as possible.

Hoosiers have been a favorite of decorators and collectors for a while, but your’s gets points for being extra charming with the “bonnet top.”

The original tambour door and flour sifter are present so that helps as well. That said, the furniture market, like many other market’s is slow right now.

Circa 1925-40

Retail value: $725

Wholesale value $325

Quick Sale value $175-$200

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