What’s it worth? Appraisal of bow-front curio cabinet

Belinda asks:

My husband bought this display cabinet for me a few years ago from an estate sale along with some other antique furniture.   I was hope you could help me with some more information on it.  Please let me know if you need any other pic.
I do have the key for it as well.
Thank you

oak bow-front curio cabinet

AW says: This is a pretty popular piece of furniture. It’s antique oak bow-front curio cabinet. Or some may call it a china closet. It’s circa 1880-1910 and is in the “Empire” style.

I”ve sold quite a few of these, the often house Hummels, antique china etc. If you are ever going to move it, place an “X” of masking tape on each of the glass surfaces to give it stregnth. If you break one of these pieces of glass, they are very expensive to replace.

Retail value: $575

Wholesale: $275

Quick sale: $150

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